Welcome to Heritage Hall Museum and Archives!

The Heritage Hall Museum and Archives has over 20,000 items to display.


The Heritage Hall Museum is dedicated to the preservation of rare artifacts used by our ancestors on the way to our standard of living today. It is our desire to leave a wealth of information for our children's children to understand and learn about and from their ancestors.

The Heritage Hall Museum has over 20,000 items on display for your enjoyment.


• Collections illustrating the daily life of early German-Russia immigrants.

• Wide range of transportation including early autos, rare motorcycles, restored implements and a 1927 bi-plane with roots in the Freeman community.

• Natural history displays, including native wildlife, rocks and minerals.

• A diverse collection of American Indian artifacts.

• Early businesses including a printing press, doctor's office, and general store.

• Extensive collection of archive material ranging from antique Bibles to valuable church and school records to historic books about the Anabaptist movement, Hutterite and Mennonite way of life.