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WELCOME to Heritage Hall Museum & Archives 

Heritage Hall Museum & Archives has over 20,000 items on display.

Heritage Hall Museum and Archives strives to preserve, educate and foster appreciation for the diverse natural and cultural history of the greater Freeman area, settled largely by Germans from Russia in the 1870s.

Heritage Hall Museum welcomes individuals and families, as well as school and tour groups. Large groups are encouraged to call ahead to arrange for guides as needed.



Johnny J. Graber
Elmer & Judy Gross
Merlin & Sylvia Hofer
Norman & Darlene Hofer
Salem-Zion Mennonite Church (Archives)
Ted Pidde, Valley Electric Service
Rural Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Wieman Land & Auction Co., Inc.


Freeman Courier/Waltner Media + Studios
Todd Graber, Insurance Services Inc.
Carlos Hofer, MAX (Mutual Aid eXchange)
Cheryl Koch (In Memory of John Koch)
Sylvia Pastrone-Graber (In Memory of Pearl Waltner)
Marvin & Ruth Roesler Family Trust
Deloris Stahl (In Memory of John M. Stahl)


Merchants State Bank, Freeman

Complete Media, Sioux Falls
Robert & Lois Haar 
Steve & Janie Hofer (In Memory of Sara Tschetter Hofer)
Marlan & Rosemary Kaufman
Donald C. Schenk


Open May 1 through September 30

or by appointment

Monday - Friday  10 am-4 pm
Saturday - Sunday  1 pm-5 pm (Please call ahead on Sundays so a volunteer can meet you.)
Wednesday  10 am- 4  pm or by appointment

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Clellan & Joanne Becker (Deckert House Project)
Janice Dunlap 
Brett Eisenbeis (In Memory of Lloyd D. Hofer)
Kate Friesen
Steve & Charlene Friesen
Sidney Garry
Rita Graber
Harris Haar
Wyona Hofer
Paul Kautz (In Memory of Kautz Family)
Myron M. Koerner
Cheryl Lehmann
Darlas & Donna Lehmann
Adelia Millar
Crystal Gering Nelson
Donna Preheim (In Memory of Howard Preheim)
Terry L. Quam
Brian & Cathy Roesler
Dawn Stahl
Leann Schulz-Thomas
Ruby Waltner (Archives)
Shirley Waltner


Kevin &/or Betty Albrecht
*Percy & Arlyss Brockmueller
Steve &/or Samuel Deckert
LeRoy & Janette Epp (Deckert House)
Duane & Shella Franz
Marian Gering
Phil & Judy Glanzer
Rachel Graber
Harriet Haggett
Ronald L. Hofer
Todd & Marnette Hofer
Vanessa Hofer & Hans Weaver
Vernon J. & Norma Hofer
Vernon P. & Twyla Hofer
Hutterthal Mennonite Church (Archives)
Steve & Jan Graber Johnson
Maynard Kaufman
S. Roy Kaufman
James R. Kautz (In Honor of Paul Kautz and John D. Kautz)
Yvonne Mast 
Arlen & Florence Miller
Ellen Ortman
Marlo & Mavis Ortman
Stan & Gwen Ortman
Gayle & Jana Preheim
Dennis & Shirley Ries
Glenn L. Roth Law Offices & Roth Realty, LLC
Leroy & Winifred Saner
David & Kim Schrag
A. Truman & Beverly Schwartz
Dennis Shaltanis
Larry & Edie Tschetter
Barry & Lori Uecker, Freeman Shopping Center
Dawn Walz, Vintage Vault Floral
Kevin & Amy Waltner
Loren & Carolyn Waltner

The following individuals, families and businesses have generously contributed to the funding of the Heritage Hall Museum and Archives. We are appreciative of your support.

2019 Members & Sponsors


John & Jeri Butkus
Marlow & Lorraine Deckert
Donovan & Sherryl Friesen
Marlyn & Maureen Friesen (Deckert House)
Golden West
LaVerne & Janice Graber
Linden & Judy Graber
Perry Gross
Jacob GunderKline & Alicia Hofer
Delmer & Shirley Hofer
Keith Hofer & Joann Smith
Gerry & Charlene Hora, Mr. G’s Tires, Inc.
Larry & Barb Olesen
Bob & Karen Pidde, Jamboree Foods
Duane & LaVonne Schrag
*Loren & Carol Tschetter
James & Sharla Unruh
Shane & Amy Vetch
Jorgiann Waltner
Russell & Marjean Waltner

*Lifetime Members