Welcome to Heritage Hall Museum and Archives!

Group/School Visits

Group Visits
Tour groups are encouraged to make Heritage Hall Museum and Archives a part of their journey. Tour guides are an option if the group chooses that in advance. Otherwise, they are free to roam through the buildings, spending as much time as they want in any particular area.

School Tours
Students are always welcome at the museum. The museum is a great learning environment. At Heritage Hall you will find the history of not only the people of this community, but of the pioneering way of life on the prairie for all people on the Plains. Students will be led by guides who know and understand the history of pioneer life.

Testimony from a recent parent volunteer from Sioux Falls, "We will be spreading the news about your wonderful tour opportunity. One interesting bit of feedback from some of the kids...the tour part was not long! They LOVED the information and wanted more so the 'free time' was not as exciting as the tour guides!"

Contact the museum to make arrangements for your class or tour group to visit today!