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Our collections illustrate vast amounts of information about life on the prairie.  If you're interested in bringing your family to explore the roots of your ancestors, check out our Hours and Daily Rates.

Transportation Heritage Hall Museum

The museum holds authentic horse-drawn buggies and rare Indian, Marsh & Metz, American and Harley Davidson motorcycles, some dating from 1908. Also displayed are vintage automobiles include 1908 Black, 1908 Brush, 1910 Buick, several Model T's and a 1909 Avery truck, one of three known to exist.

Other unique, rare, exquisitely preserved and restored examples of early transportation include:
  • 1927 Lincoln-Page biplane
  • 11 autos and trucks dating from 1908
  • 10 motorcycles dating from 1908
  • Buggies & sleighs
  • License plate display

Agriculture Heritage Hall Museum


The museum houses many agricultural items, including:
  • Horse machinery
  • Several old tractors including a rare one-cylinder engine
  • Extensive tool collection


Old Building Reserve Heritage Hall Museum

Historical Buildings

The Heritage Hall Museum includes a number of restored buildings that were important or typical in the local history.
  • Ludwig Deckert Pioneer Home
  • Diamond Valley School
  • Bethel Mennonite Church
  • Johannesthal Reformed Church
1879 Pioneer Home
Ludwig Deckert built this home in 1879. The lumber was hauled by oxen and wagon from Yankton, 34 miles to the south. The house was moved to the museum site and restored in 1979. Many household items are original furnishings. A unique feature of this interesting home is the Russian oven and heating system built in the center of the house.