Welcome to Heritage Hall Museum and Archives!

Building Project

Building for the Future

Heritage Hall Museum and Archives is undertaking a building project that will remodel and add space to the front of the present day structure. We are hoping to expand the lobby, put in handicap accessible bathrooms, add a meeting room, and create a work space for volunteers and staff. This project would include fixing issues with the roof and giving the front of the building a facelift.

We are still fundraising for the project, and are planning on working with the architects again early this summer. We will keep you updated on the building project progress!

If you are interested in contributing to the building project you can contact us at the Museum or download a pledge form here.

Thank you for your support and interest in this endeavor!


"Heritage Hall Museum and Archives is very excited about opportunities the proposed facility will provide. Not only will we be able to have improved space for our current artifacts, we can enhance the educational and preservation programming we accomplish for our area
-Kevin Albrecht, former Chair of the Museum Board of Trustees